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Thought of the day

भय से ही दुःख आते हैं, भय से ही मृत्युहोती है और भय से ही बुराइयाँ उत्पन्न होती हैं।

– विवेकानन्द

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Schedule of Exam

Session 2014-15

FA 1 July onwards One Subject on each Monday
FA 2 April - September Spread over Term 1
FA 3 November onwards One Subject on each Monday
FA 4 September to February Spread over Term 2
SA 1 September III/ IV Week
SA 2 March II/ III Week
Sr. Secondary UT July IV Week
September III/IV Week
January II/III Week

Cumulative Test (Half Yearly)

November I/II Week
SEE (Annual Exam) March I-III Week
Pre-board 1 December I/II Week
Pre-board 2 January II/III Week
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