Education makes human being different from other living beings. In an ancient India, when students enter in school (Gurukul) the day was celebrated as Upnayan Sanskar. Upnayan Sanskar means sub-eye rituals. It means now the child is going to achieve an extra eye (of Knowledge). Since beginning of civilisations, providing education was considered most sacred and pious job in the world. In modern era, the apex institution concern to assess the development, United Nation Organisation which has identified education as key instrument for the development of humanity. Education is the source ingredient to convert simple population into human resource. The development of a country does not depend on the availability of natural resources but on the availability of human resource as well as human capital. Human capital is the only active factor of production and activate all other factors to make possible production of goods and services and increase in national income of the country. Development of social institutions depend exclusively on the development of education. The concept of fraternity, liberty and equality came after only the renaissance which came due to educational development and awareness among the people. The construction of modern democratic world society is due to educational development and expansion of information technology.

Education is the mental (intangible) asset to lead at the highest destination desired by any one. Educationally advanced person can be appointed to any height cutting across all constraints as caste, creed, color, sex, race, religion and region. Education is the most secured and highest paid investment. It will never secure loss for the investor. To what extent a person is educated he will feel educated and will enjoy the benefits of education.

 Be educated and make educated.

 I would like to thank the Project Authorities viz., ARC Doom Dooma for the keen interest they have taken in the matter of promoting education and other activities in the Vidyalaya.

Jai Hind! (Mr. B. S. P. RAO)